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What to Expect...
(1) Personal Service
Are you looking for an anonymous shopping experience? Possibly expecting to send an email and not get a response? If so, then stop right now, you're at the wrong place.

Our website/online store is simply an extension of our company. When you send an inquiry, there is a person on the other end responding and we strive to do so in a timely fashion. If you have any questions about product compatibility, please ask before ordering. We'll help you be sure you're ordering the right item, possibly saving you future frustration. An example, many DVD recorders can play all types of media, but they can't record to all types. The most common issue we see is consumers buying DVD-R for DVD+R drives or visa-versa.

(2) Email correspondence regarding your order:
Be sure and check for typos when entering your email address on your order. The initial order confirmation is automated and cannot detect transpositions. In addition to your order confirmation, we will email you if we have a question about your order or if there will be a delay in shipping (outside the estimated time listed).
    Special Note for:
    spam filter users, & users ...
  • If you are using spam filters, be sure to allow emails from "". This is especially true for users.
  • users: You may not receive your order confirmations due to compatiblity issues with how our site is setup and restrictions.
  • Please note, we do not currently send newletters/solicitations. Our correspondence only has to do with your order. In the future we intend to send special offers for online users, but we will be using the opt-in list.
  • Final note, be assured we never sell or share customer information with third parties.
    (3) Being satisfied.
    We sell what we advertise, no deceptions. Many times, because of low pricing, people ask if we're selling genuine Epson or HP inks. An emphatic YES! We work in volume and we don't have a retail store, that's how we keep our prices down.

    As for toner cartridges, along with the Genuine brands we also sell compatibles. You'll easily know the difference by viewing the manufacturer name (plus the price difference is a give away). Our compatible toner manufacturers specialize in compatible imaging products. They started with ribbons for impact printers and have continued their expertise in the toner cartridge field. Plus, our compatibles are backed by the manufacturer.

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    Product Category
    Shopping by category allows you to view similar items from various manufacturers. Such as all the CDs available with a printable inkjet surface. Start by clicking "Categories" found on the menu bar, select from the main categories: (1) Data Storage Media & Accessories; (2) Ink, Toner, Ribbons & Paper by brand; (3) Labels & Paper by type. Then you'll continue refining with the subcategories.
    Part Number
    If you know the part number of the item you're looking for, you can enter up to 10 part numbers in the search box. Seperate the part numbers by a comma, do not use a space after the comma (e.g. 12882,94495,Q1338D).
    Site Map (under construction)
    A list of products found on our site, directly accessible by clicking the link.

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    Ordering Online
    Minimum Order
    Our product order minimum is $18 plus shipping.
    Sales Tax (Oklahoma Customers Only)
    Sales tax is added to orders for all Oklahoma customers. Your online receipt will reflect an approximate amount. Your final invoice (the receipt you receive with your product) will have the correct sales tax amount and corrected order total.

    City and State Government: Please make a note in the Special Comments box (found below your shipping address) regarding your tax status so we can make the appropriate adjustment. We will contact you before processing your order if we have any questions.

    Office/Computer Supply Resellers: We must have a copy of your current resale tax permit on file along with a signed exemption certificate, otherwise we collect sales tax on your order.
    Payment Methods
    Credit Card:
    We accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
    Have your card information ready, the order times out if not entered promptly.

    Check/Money Order:
    If you would like to prepay your order with check or money order, on the payment page select "Prepay" and in the box following provide the check number and date you are mailing your order, then click "Continue" at the bottom. Print your confirmation page and mail to Diskette Connection, PO Box 1674, Bethany OK 73008 with payment. Shipment is delayed pending cleared payment.

    COD shipments are no longer available.

    Net Terms:
    Open account terms are available to qualified institutions (hospitals, school/university, government organizations) and large corporations upon credit authorization. Download credit application, complete and mail to: Diskette Connection; PO Box 1674; Bethany, OK 73008

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