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Sony 3.5
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Sony 3.5" 540MB ReWritable MO Disk #EDM540C
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Read optical disk note before ordering.

MO3 50MB
3.5" Rewritable Magneto-Optical
Use in place of Fujitsu CA90002-C037

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800-654-4058, 405-709-1308 or email.

Things to check...
Do you need 3.5" or 5.25"; and what capacity does your drive use? Optical disks are not cross-compatible.

Media Cross Reference:
3.5" Diskettes | High Capacity Disks | Opticals

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Part No.: EDM540C
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3.5" Diskettes Imation Maxell Sony TDK Verbatim
3.5" DS-DD 1MB/720K 12882
3.5" DS-HD 2MB/1.44MB 12881
556423 87410
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35GB Rev Disk PC Fmt 32958
70GB Rev Disk PC Fmt 33506
Magneto Optical Fujitsu Maxell Sony TDK Verbatim
3.5" MO 230MB RW ...C011 90545
3.5" MO 540MB RW ...C037 EDM540C 91321
3.5" MO 640MB RW ...C016 91250
3.5" MO 1.3GB RW ...C017
3.5" MO 2.3GB RW ...C031 EDMG23C
5.25" MO 1.2GB RW 89108
5.25" MO 1.3GB RW 89109
5.25" MO 2.3GB RW 91203
5.25" MO 9.1GB RW 94123
Ultra Density Optical HP Maxell Plasmon Sony Verbatim
UDO 30GB WORM Q2030A UDO30WO 89980
Professional Disc for Data
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23GB Write-Once PDD --- --- PDDWO23 --- ---